Committee Chairs


OHS PTA Committee Chairpersons for 2020-2021


After School Programs: Rachel Parrish

Art Smart: No 2020-2021 Programming due to Covid

Art Show: Art Teachers

Author Visits: Liz Feeney


Birthday Books: Robin Orriss

Book Fair: Tara Van Horne and Jane Loh

Book Swap:  Anne Truman and Amelia Clark

Box Tops For Education: Joan Tuckman

Celebration Books: Mary Murphy

Diversity Day: Rabab Hussain Syed, Catherine Yarmosh, Alexis Maclvain & Priya Mohan

Environmental Awareness (C.A.N.E.):
K — Beth Nori
1st — Pam Holden
2nd  –

Family Fun Night:

Field Day: Elaine Remley and Janice Price

Fifth Grade Committee: Dawn Gitman, Juliette Tiriolo and Nicole Kofoed


Harvest Faire: Meredith Anastasio and Lori Frisone

Health, Fitness and Safety: Marissa Jacobson

Junior Achievement: Pam Holden and Carrie Robertson

Junior Great Books (Grades 3-5):
3rd — Anne Truman
4th – Shelley Dreizen
5th – Ally McCoy

Library Media Center: Heather Woelk

Mill River Captain (Grades 3-5):
3rd – Laura King
4th – Alison O’Conner
5th –

Mother Son Dance:

Operation Hope: Meg Horn

Parent Social: Cammie Liberty

Publishing Center: Kathy Berens (OHS Staff)

Reading Celebration Week:

Room Parents: Mary Kate Gardiner

School Supply Kits: Aya Forster and Mary Murphy

Spiritwear: Mollie Milano, Allyson Mandelbaum & Morgan Nelson

Teacher Appreciation: Catherine Yarmosh & Deidre Obolewicz

Turkey Trot: Jenn LaPlante and Patty Keenan

UNICEF: Amanda Schmidt and Priya Denton

Variety Show: Allison Kramer, Mollie Milano and Stephanie Rooney


Yearbook: Dawn Gitman and Stephanie Rooney



Please feel free to refer any questions to your volunteer coordinators:

1. Know your volunteers: Contact all the volunteers who  signed up to work  on your committee. If your committee gets too many volunteers, you should call these volunteers and thank them for volunteering but refer them back to the VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS who can then place them with committees that need help.  Please do not forget to contact everyone who offers you help.

2. Know your Treasurers: Janice Price and Rachel Parrish

3. Know your budget: Contact Treasurers for amount available to spend or income goal to strive for with your fundraising activity.

4. Know your bills and vouchers: All bills and vouchers must be submitted to the Treasurers with ORIGINAL receipt and/or invoice AND an OHS voucher. Blank vouchers are available online and in the office. All receipts must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the event and then please allow 3 weeks for reimbursement.

5. Know your monies: All income from fundraisers should be tallied and then submitted to the Treasurers for bank deposit. Please coordinate with the Treasurers for a convenient time/place to drop off monies.

6. Know your PTA board: We are here to help in any way that we can! You should always feel free to contact any member on our PTA Board. We work as a team to get the job done and thank you for all your hard work as well.

7. Know your PTA by-laws: The OHS by-laws govern the PTA. Here are some things to remember:

  • All volunteers must be paid PTA members for the current school year and must fill out the district’s new volunteer form.
  • Committee work must be presented to board for approval.