After School Activities Registration Form

FALL INTERIM 2018 session

Registration for a Teacher Run Activity (View Class List and Schedule)

Monday, November 5th at 5pm thru Monday, November 12th at 5pm

***Late Registrations will not be accepted*** (This will be strictly enforced)

1. Please complete one form per student.

2. Send a check (backpack mail) to the teacher, with your child’s name/class in the memo. (This is extremely important if your name on the check doesn’t match your child’s name). Your envelope should be addressed “ASA, teacher’s name” (example ASA, Rebecca Wicke).

Michelle Albright
Elizabeth Finck
Carl Fleming
Diana Garigliano
Parvin Ghazian
Erik Marko
Rebecca Wicke

3. After registration has closed, you will get an email from the teacher confirming your child’s placement. If there is a waitlist, you may find out your child is on the waitlist.

4. Weekly reminder emails will be sent by the teacher.

If you have any questions, send an email to Thank you!

Registration for ASA has closed.