After School Activities

Winter 2022 Session

Phase 1 Registration: starts Wednesday, December 15th at 8 pm and ends Thursday, December 16th at 8 am
Phase 2 Registration: starts Sunday, December 19th at 8 pm and ends Tuesday, December 21st at 9 am
***Late Registrations will not be accepted*** (This will be strictly enforced)

Registering for an activity:

1) Register your child online at the OHS PTA website

New Registration Procedures
Registration will occur over 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 – from Dec 15 (Wed) at 8pm to Dec 16 (Thur) at 8am. During this phase families may register EACH CHILD for ONLY ONE ACTIVITY. If a class has been filled, you will be notified and will have a chance to select another class.
  • Phase 2 – from Dec 19 (Sun) at 8pm to Dec 21 (Tue) at 9am. During this phase, the registration page will reopen for students to register for any classes with vacancies. Students may register for more than one activity during this phase.

2) You will receive a confirmation for your registration within 2 days of each registration.   We hope with the new procedure that each student will get to have at least 1 class.

You may find that your child is on a waitlist-you then have the opportunity to register for a different activity.

3) Once you receive an email from the class teacher confirming your child’s enrollment in the class, you should send payment in one of two ways:

A: Pay teacher using the Venmo user information provided in the teacher’s welcome email

B: Send a check (backpack mail) written out to the activity teacher, with your child’s name/class in the memo. (This is extremely important!) The envelope should be addressed “ASA, teacher’s name” (example: ASA, Parvin Ghazian). **Send a separate check for each activity your child is registered for. (example: you would send a check for Slime & Squishies and another check for the American Girl Class)

*Please note that payments are due before the activity begins unless otherwise
arranged by the teacher. If payment is not received, the parent forfeits their child’s
spot in the class.

Important things for parents to remember:
1) Send in a change of dismissal form each day your child stays for an activity.
2) Any day your child is not attending after school activities (*including if they are absent from school that day) email the activity teacher to let them know your
child will not be in class.
3) Once you receive a confirmation, MARK THE DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR.

4) Unless otherwise communicated by the activity teacher, students should be picked up at the front doors of the school at 4:40 pm.

Email questions to